Opio Joseph’s story

There are people who choose to give up and surrender, Joseph, is not of them. He is a fighter in every aspect of the way. He chose to look on the bright side of life even though cancer has made him completely unable to move. It’s very saddening because he was admitted to the hostel physically able to move on his own. However, during the course of treatment, he lost all sense of movement. His cancer had spread to almost every part of the body.

Meet Opio Joseph, 67 from Ngora, Northern Uganda. He was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer. Stage 3. He was admitted at the Hostel in February 2019. His has not been a smooth treatment journey. It has been a series of constant Chemo cycles which failed to tackle cancer. In June 2019, he underwent a second operation. After the operation, he was put back on Chemotherapy and he is recuperating though still paraplegic. He came to a saddened man but he can afford a meaningful conversation because he” feels at home’ along the rest of the people who share the same plight. We try to make them feel at home in a tranquil and safe home.

He cannot fail to express his gratitude whenever he gets the chance, on 27th/ May/ 2020, after several tests he was declared to be in partial remission. The battle is not far from over. We encourage him to eat well and do simple exercises, take medication on time so that he does not relapse.

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