Nafula Whitney’s Story

She was undeniably a black beauty, even with her current physical state. The sparkle in her eyes is still there. She responds to anyone’s greeting with a very beautiful smile. That is the most saddening bit of this soul, she is such a sweet soul. One wonders why she had to go through this at such a tender age.

At only 17 years of age, Nafula Whitney has diagnosed with stage two chronic myeloid leukaemia. It’s a slowly progressing and uncommon type of blood cell cancer that begins in the bone marrow. Some of the symptoms include feeling tired all the time, unexplained weight loss, pale skin and night sweats. Most people in Uganda mistake it for sickle cell anaemia.

On admission in September 2019, the caretaker agreed to waste a lot of time back with the wrong diagnosis. Whitney fell sick in February 2018 when she was in Senior Two in a secondary school in Tororo. Her dreams were cut short all of a sudden. Being a total orphan, this time in her life has been so challenging. Her only solace is her auntie who is taking care of her during her

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