Frequently Asked Questions

Admission and Eligibility

Free lodging is provided for cancer patients and caregivers traveling far from home for outpatient medical care related to the patient’s cancer diagnosis. All lodging requests must begin with a referral from the patient's treatment facility basically the Uganda Cancer Institute Mulago. Potential guests should coordinate a request through their treatment facility doctor or medical social worker. Rooms are available on a first-referred, first-served basis. Patients staying at a Haven Hostel must be in active cancer treatment, and permanently reside more than 20 km radius from Kampala. Each patient must be accompanied by a caregiver. Being a Haven hostel guest is a courtesy extended at the sole discretion of the Cancer Charity Foundation. All individuals who meet Haven Hostel eligibility requirements will be welcome regardless of race, creed, citizenship, disability, gender, color and ethnic heritage.

What to Bring

The Haven Hostel provides the essentials needed during your stay: food (3 meals), blankets, sheets, toilet paper, cleaning supplies, etc. You are allowed to bring: • Your food selections (you will have your own storage space and prep space) • Personal products (shampoo, razors, clothing, medications, etc.) • Your favorite comfort items from home such as pillows and books

May I have visitors?

Visitors are welcome and encouraged during your stay at the Haven facility. However they are not allowed to stay overnight. All visitors must sign in at the front desk and stay in designated public/visiting areas. The staff will speak with you about specific visiting hours.

How many guests can stay in the guest rooms?

The patient and one caregiver may stay in the room. More than two people per bed is not permitted.

Can my caregiver stay at the Haven if I am in the hospital?

If a patient is admitted to the hospital during their stay at the Haven, the guest’s room will be held for a limited time and the caregiver’s stay may be extended. The situation will be assessed and discussed with the caregiver as needed. Since our priority is providing access to care for as many outpatient guests as possible, the caregiver will need to vacate the guest room if there are other eligible patients needing the bed.

Can my child stay with me?

Children under the age of 3 are not allowed to stay at the facility. Special allowance is given to an adult cancer patient who is lactating or has delivered in a space of 3 years. Caregivers are not encouraged to come with children. However they are welcome to visit during visiting hours.

Is transportation available to the cancer treatment facilities?

The facility offers free transportation to and from treatment centers like Uganda Cancer Institute, Kiruddu, Kawempe etc. patients on treatment are taken in the morning and picked in the evening.

How long can I stay at the Haven Hostel?

All referrals from the treatment center must provide both an estimated treatment start date and end date. Eligible patients and caregivers may be admitted up to 72 hours prior to the initiation of treatment and must leave no more than 48 hours after treatment is completed. If a hospital extends the patient’s treatment schedule beyond the date on the initial referral, a new referral needs to be submitted at least 5 days before the initial end date. the staff will try to accommodate the extended request; however, new guests with confirmed stays or guests on a wait-list will receive priority.

Are meals provided at the Haven Hostel facility?

Free meals are provided to the patient and their caregiver. These include breakfast, lunch and supper. However the guests are allowed to prepare their special meals if they so wish.

Is there a charge to stay at the Haven Hostel community?

Is there a charge to stay at the Haven Hostel community?

How much have you raised so far?

We have raised cash donations of 1,000,000 shillings and in-kind donations worth 1,000,000.

CCF Impact

Not having to worry about where to stay or how to pay for accommodation and transportation allows patients to focus on getting better. In 2019 CCF accommodated; 52 women, 38 Men, 10 Children patients and 66 care givers. At least 10 patients transported daily. In 2020 CCF accommodated; 48 women, 40 men, 15 children patients and 53 caregivers. At least 12 patients transported daily.


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